AQUA Modul - Speicherofen von der Tonwerk Lausen AG

Die Tonwerk Lausen AG

Die Tonwerk Lausen AG beschäftigte sich seit ihren Anfängen mit der Produktion feuerfester Steine sowie der Kunst, die Energie der Flammen so effizient wie möglich zu nutzen. Zusammen mit einem weltweit bekannten Designerteam und einem Spezialisten für Feuerungstechnik entstanden unsere einzigartigen Speicheröfen, die die Wärme im Kern eines von Tonwerk speziell entwickelten Steins speichern und als angenehme Strahlungswärme abgeben. Ein Feuerungssystem für eine umweltfreundliche und effiziente Holzverbrennung. Kompetenz in Technik und Design, verbunden mit der Handfertigung in unserer Manufaktur, unterstreichen die Individualität unserer Speicheröfen.

AQUA Modul


If your house was built or renovated to low-energy specifications, the The Tonwerk storage heating stove with Aqua module is all you need to keep it warm and cosy (subject to your technical installation andrequirements). In other buildings, the Aqua module is an excellent addition to the existing centralheating – particularly during the shoulder season.

Homes built or renovated to low-energyspecifications provide excellent heat insulation and a hermetically optimised shell tooffer a comfortable, energy-saving lifestyle. Heating and hot water are often obtained from renewable energy sources. Many of these homes also boast comfort ventilation with heat recovery: fresh air from outside the house is drawn into the bedrooms and living areas, and stale air is evacuated via the kitchen, bathroom and WC. These technical innovations deliver a huge reduction in energy consumption. Financially, the investment is well worthwhile: build to low-energy specifications and you save on annual operating costs and protect yourself from continually rising prices for fossil fuels in the form of gas and oil.

The Tonwerk storage heating stove with Aqua module:

T-NEO eco2 PLUS and T-LINE ecoe2 PLUS

The Tonwerk storage heating stoves with Aqua module are perfectly adapted to the energysaving concept of low-energy building techniques: sandwiched between the stove storage block and the outer casing there is an absorber jacket inside which circulating water can absorb up to 50% of the heat from the stove for use via the central heating system. This reduces the direct release of heat into the ambient air, which makes sense in rooms requiring little heating. The absorber jacket is sufficient to heat ancillary rooms without the need for chimney outlets or additional heating systems, and installation costs are very modest. Thermostat valves ensure optimum heat distribution. The pump and safety technology required for the stove water circuit requires very little space and ensures a correct flow rate at all times. If you have not built or renovated to low-energy specifications, storage heating stove with Aqua Module eprovides an excellent addition to your existing central heating.

Depending on the heating needs the Aqua module can be used:
– in combination with the existing central heating system
– as a direct heater in its own heating circuit, without buffer storage
– as the sole heat source in a low energy house
– in combination with a solar installation



Comfort and heating requirements – an individual decision
Individuals vary greatly in their perception of comfortable heating levels. That is why it is so important to start by determining the building heating requirement before deciding on what type of heating to opt for. Wood-burning systems are fun, but do involve some work: the wood has to be transported, cut and properly stored. The Tonwerk storage heating stove with Aqua module is an economic stove: used as the sole source of heat in a low-energy house, it will burn, on average, one to two loads of wood a day, which is equivalent to between 1,200 and 2,400 kg (2,5 to 5 steres) of wood a year. Your effort will be rewarded with a crackling fire and a cosy living area. And remember: the T-LOFT PLUS diffuses pleasant, healthy radiant heat for some ten hours – long after the fire has burned right down. The storage heating stove with the Aqua module combines wellness and the fascination of flames with the convenience and additional benefits of heat distribution – appealing, efficient, clean, and healthy.

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