Low energie and passiv homes - Speicherofen von der Tonwerk Lausen AG

Die Tonwerk Lausen AG

Die Tonwerk Lausen AG beschäftigte sich seit ihren Anfängen mit der Produktion feuerfester Steine sowie der Kunst, die Energie der Flammen so effizient wie möglich zu nutzen. Zusammen mit einem weltweit bekannten Designerteam und einem Spezialisten für Feuerungstechnik entstanden unsere einzigartigen Speicheröfen, die die Wärme im Kern eines von Tonwerk speziell entwickelten Steins speichern und als angenehme Strahlungswärme abgeben. Ein Feuerungssystem für eine umweltfreundliche und effiziente Holzverbrennung. Kompetenz in Technik und Design, verbunden mit der Handfertigung in unserer Manufaktur, unterstreichen die Individualität unserer Speicheröfen.

Low energie and passiv homes

Building for the future
The Tonwerk storage heating stove in low energy and passive homes

The best building practices are the key - not only in the interests of the environment and our resources, but also for economical reasons. In this respect, the greatest possible
reduction of energy requirements takes centre stage. Anybody building today a new home or modernising a building to low energy standards will be increasingly confronted with energy conservation regulations specific to their country.

By building to these guidelines, you will not only have an ultra modern home with an outstanding energy balance over decades to come, but you will also profit in addition
from considerably more comfort and an essentially higher quality of living. Modern storage heating stoves can therefore meet a wide range of heating needs in sustainable buildings renovated under energy saving aspects.

The Tonwerk storage heating stove - the right choice

Especially in these environments, the Tonwerk storage heating stove can unfold its true strength in the form of pleasantly dosed and sustained radiated heat. By meeting
these low heating requirements, the stove must also provide a correspondingly low direct heat output if it is not to overheat the living space and therefore prevent a
feeling of well being. Connections for external combustion air, approved tightness
(DIBt, Germany), Minergie Module (Switzerland), the patented eco2 module for the highest possible efficiency and safety - all of these are pioneering elements making a Tonwerk storage heating stove the first choice for low energy homes. Also when a controlled ventilation system is installed.

Minimum energy needs, maximum comfort

True to the motto "heat up and enjoy", the Tonwerk heating principle in conjunction with the patented automatic combustion air supply simplifies handling to the
minimum level. The optional Aqua Module, combined e.g. with a solar installation, fulfils the highest demands for ecology and autonomy, in line with the growing complexity of requirements for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installations. And above all these is home comfort.
Tonwerk combines healthy living and pioneering ecological and economical solutions with the desire for a relaxing atmosphere generated by the flickering flames of a cosy fire - appealingly packaged at the focus of modern cultivated living.