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Die Tonwerk Lausen AG beschäftigte sich seit ihren Anfängen mit der Produktion feuerfester Steine sowie der Kunst, die Energie der Flammen so effizient wie möglich zu nutzen. Zusammen mit einem weltweit bekannten Designerteam und einem Spezialisten für Feuerungstechnik entstanden unsere einzigartigen Speicheröfen, die die Wärme im Kern eines von Tonwerk speziell entwickelten Steins speichern und als angenehme Strahlungswärme abgeben. Ein Feuerungssystem für eine umweltfreundliche und effiziente Holzverbrennung. Kompetenz in Technik und Design, verbunden mit der Handfertigung in unserer Manufaktur, unterstreichen die Individualität unserer Speicheröfen.

Successful Tonwerk workshops in Japan

Datum: 28.04.2015

Tonwerk heating stoves are very popular in Japan

The positive trend for Tonwerk heating stoves in the land of the rising sun counts as one of the successes of Tonwerk Lausen AG. A lot of things have to come together for a product like this to get attention in countries like Japan or South Korea, as they are usually a hard nut to crack for foreign companies. The Tonwerk storage heater managed to do this, not least because the eyes of the world are on Switzerland, the country where it is produced, when it comes to excellent design and innovative technology.


Mr Mineo Ogawa, Tonwerk's general importer for Japan sees the reasons for this success in his fellow countrymen's high demands for a comfortable indoor climate as well as in the heating oven's integration capability. In addition, Japanese people are keen on energy independence, particularly after the catastrophe in Fukushima, and are open to alternative solutions in all sectors. As 80% of Japan is covered in forest, in spite of a high industrial and population density, modern wood-burning stoves are a worthwhile heating solution. Also gratifying is the high interest shown by the strong network of Tonwerk dealers in Japan and their keen participation in the regular Tonwerk workshops held several times a year by Mr Ogawa, because even quality and innovation can't sell themselves without technical competence and convincing arguments.


Another commitment on the part of Tonwerk Lausen AG is our membership in "Passive House Japan". The future prospects look positive for people in Japan as well, with the combination of lower energy usage and new constructions. The Tonwerk storage heaters are eminently suitable here thanks to their concept and performance.



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