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Die Tonwerk Lausen AG beschäftigte sich seit ihren Anfängen mit der Produktion feuerfester Steine sowie der Kunst, die Energie der Flammen so effizient wie möglich zu nutzen. Zusammen mit einem weltweit bekannten Designerteam und einem Spezialisten für Feuerungstechnik entstanden unsere einzigartigen Speicheröfen, die die Wärme im Kern eines von Tonwerk speziell entwickelten Steins speichern und als angenehme Strahlungswärme abgeben. Ein Feuerungssystem für eine umweltfreundliche und effiziente Holzverbrennung. Kompetenz in Technik und Design, verbunden mit der Handfertigung in unserer Manufaktur, unterstreichen die Individualität unserer Speicheröfen.

“Happy tenth birthday” to the T-EYE

Datum: 13.10.2015

"Happy tenth birthday" to the T-EYE

Tonwerk's unique cult-status classic is celebrating an anniversary
"Often, it's the little things in life that provide the greatest pleasure" - so the saying goes. It's only logical that this insight could be transferred to the heating appliance from storage heating stove manufacturer Tonwerk Lausen AG. After all, the T-EYE - which is also known as "the futuristic eye-catcher" - is not only the smallest stove in Tonwerk's product range; it is also a perfect design item which has been inspiring a growing fan base the world over for ten years now.

As the trade press wrote many moons ago: "The T-EYE is a comfortably warming eye-catcher, an item brimming with personality which is already enjoying cult status today". But the T-EYE is more than just a stove. Indeed, many people regard it as a mini occupant of their home. And to make absolutely sure it can always get involved in family life, it can even rotate on its own axis. In so doing, it not only turns the heads of those who admire round shapes. After all, the small yet mighty device - which can even fit beneath pitched roof areas due to its compact height - scores top marks with its own unique special features. You could even say that the T-EYE does everything by itself once it's heated up. Additionally, it is filled from above, thereby guaranteeing clean operation. In short, this stove is not only setting standards in every living room, but it can also compete with larger models in terms of heating output. With just one load of wood, the T-EYE gives off healthy radiant heat for more than six hours.

All that now remains is for us to say: "Happy birthday, T-EYE".

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