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Die Tonwerk Lausen AG beschäftigte sich seit ihren Anfängen mit der Produktion feuerfester Steine sowie der Kunst, die Energie der Flammen so effizient wie möglich zu nutzen. Zusammen mit einem weltweit bekannten Designerteam und einem Spezialisten für Feuerungstechnik entstanden unsere einzigartigen Speicheröfen, die die Wärme im Kern eines von Tonwerk speziell entwickelten Steins speichern und als angenehme Strahlungswärme abgeben. Ein Feuerungssystem für eine umweltfreundliche und effiziente Holzverbrennung. Kompetenz in Technik und Design, verbunden mit der Handfertigung in unserer Manufaktur, unterstreichen die Individualität unserer Speicheröfen.

T-LINE shortlisted for Grand Designs Award

Datum: 21.05.2010

Press Release: Editor's notes ANGLIA Fireplaces

The Tonwerk T-.LINE, one of the world’s most environmentally-friendly woodburning stoves was shortlisted for the Eco Award in the Grand Designs Awards 2010 held at ExCel, London on 6 May.

Recognising sustainable products featuring cutting-edge design, the Tonwerk T-LINE was deemed by the judging panel including design royalty Sebastian Conran and Orla Kiely to be worthy of a shortlisted position for the coveted Eco Award.

Now in its fifth year, the Grand Designs Awards hosted by the programme’s presenter Kevin McCloud recognise superior design and innovation in both homes and individual products.

Available from Anglia Fireplaces, one of the UK’s leading fire retailers, the Tonwerk T-LINE eco2 boasts an efficiency rating of 85% and just one load of wood will generate heat for up to 12 hours.

Graham Vialls is the Managing Director of Anglia Fireplaces and said: “We are delighted that the eco-friendly and sustainable credentials of the Tonwerk T-LINE have been recognised by Grand Designs. The T-LINE pushes the boundaries of sustainability and design and we hope that this stamp of approval encourages more people to appreciate the benefits of wood as fuel.

“Advances in technology mean that woodburning stoves provide substantial savings on household expenditure whilst looking fantastic and helping reduce carbon footprint,” said Graham.

Once installed in the home, the Tonwerk T-LINE cuts CO2 emissions and energy bills dramatically and with the cost of gas and electricity rising all the time, wood represents a very attractive fuel alternative.

One load of wood will provide consistent and comfortable heat for up to 12 hours and with this costing just £1.40 on average, the cost efficiencies speak for themselves.

Manufactured in Switzerland, between 70% and 80% of the Tonwerk T-LINE features materials originating from its home country and recycled raw materials are used. Waste materials are also recycled and more than 85% of the packaging is recyclable.

The manufacturing process is also designed to comply with Switzerland’s extremely high environmental standards on emissions and imissions of air, water and noise.

The state-of-the-art T-LINE also addresses the challenge that exists with open fires or chimney stoves whereby a room is often heated to an uncomfortably high level which cannot be maintained.

The T-LINE eco2 gets round this issue with its integral storage core made from highly heat-conductive, fire proof stone.  When the wood burns, over 60% of the energy produced is captured by the core, stored up and then slowly released back into the home.

Plus, the Tonwerk T-LINE and indeed other stoves in the Tonwerk range are at the forefront of design innovations. Elegant and simple, the Topolino creates a stunning focal point in any room and features a frameless glass door that won’t blacken with smoke.

The Tonwerk range offers something for everyone with fires that rotate, a model shaped like an egg and even one that doubles up as a gourmet oven. And with all stoves in the range available in a choice of 15 colours and a range of finishes, a Tonwerk stove can be tailored to suit your home and individual taste.

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